Golf Club

At Parkland Golf & Country Club , benefit from resort style living combined with family friendly warmth.

The Greg Norman Legacy

Toll Brothers is pleased to announce its second endeavor with Greg Norman Golf Course Design. It is a harmonious fit based on a shared vision of excellence. Norman’s exacting standards and commitment to quality are matched by Toll Brothers’ distinction in home building. His name is synonymous with success, both on the golf course and in the boardroom. Greg Norman, with more than 90 professional victories to his name, is admired equally as a sportsman and a businessman.

Both Toll Brothers and Greg Norman Golf Course Design pride themselves on environmental sensibility and stewardship. “When we open a golf course, it’s my hope that people will look at it and say that it appears to have been part of the landscape for many years,” Greg Norman has said. “With every project we do, I like to think that we leave a property in better environmental condition than we found it.”

Parkland Golf & Country Club epitomizes the Greg Norman Golf Course Design philosophy in using what Mother Nature has given on a particular site. The simplicity of this approach allows for the creation of a natural golf experience that will be enjoyable for the member, while still challenging for the most accomplished player.

“In addition to a golf course being challenging and distinctive, it must also be an extension of the overall community, and it should be used as a basis from which the entire project is built.” -Greg Norman

Hole #1
  • Par: 5
  • Men's Handicap: 5
  • Ladies' Handicap: 5
  • 580
  • 545
  • 512
  • 499
  • 470

The opening hole is a long dogleg left par 5 which requires a tee shot to be down the middle in order to avoid bunkers both sides of the fairway. A precise approach is needed to hit the elevated green which is protected by bunkers on the left and a steep drop-off to the right and behind.

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