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Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary – A Parkland Honor

The Audubon International Signature Program is a comprehensive environmental education and conservation assistance program created to help landowners and managers follow comprehensive sustainable resource management principles when developing and then managing properties. It is a voluntary membership program that provides a framework, technical assistance, and environmental education for many types of development projects, and recognizes landowners and developers who are committed and dedicated to incorporating a high level of environmentally responsible actions in their projects.

The program focuses on decisions that will positively impact bio-diversity, ecological restoration, and sustainability with the economic agenda associated with a propose development. The Audubon Signature Program starts where minimum environmental compliance leaves off—offering a “beyond compliance” approach to new developments.

Through the Audubon Signature Program, Audubon International offers comprehensive planning and educational services to help proposed developments protect natural resources both on and off site during planning, construction, and long-term management of the project. By working closely with planners, architects, managers, and key take holders, Audubon International helps to ensure that biodiversity conservation, environmental quality, and sustainable management are built into the project and continue after construction is completed. The Signature Program also strives to employ new ways to promote sustainability, such as site preservation, green building techniques, and training and incentive programs for contractors, trades, and construction teams.

The Audubon Signature Program is divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The primary distinction between the programs is based on the stage at which the project applies for membership, the complexity of the project, and the level of Audubon International staff involvement in the planning, design, and oversight of the project.

All programs, however, are premised on a cooperative agreement of all parties to voluntarily incorporate an environmental ethic and address environmental issues and concerns not only before and during construction of the project, but for the long-term management of the completed project.

All Audubon Signature Program members must develop and implement a Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) which is based on the Audubon International’s

The NRMP provides guidance, information, and a means for documenting the natural resources of the property itself; short and long-term environmental impacts of the project; strategies for protecting wildlife and conserving natural resources; and incorporating Best Management Practices for the life of the development.

To become certified, the project must pass an Audubon International final audit and meet the minimum requirements applicable to the Audubon Signature Program, as well as any additional site-specific requirements established by Audubon International. Annual reports are required, and recertification site visits are required periodically to retain Signature Sanctuary designation. 

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