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  • Dress Code
    • Members shall dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings & atmosphere of Parkland Golf & Country Club. Members and designees are expected to ensure that family members and guests adhere to such rules. Members should remind their guests of the dress policy prior to arrival at the club. Club Management reserves the right to interpret & enforce the dress code at their sole discretion.

      The following rules apply everyday (with the exception of Friday & Saturday after 6 p.m.)

      • Appropriate golf, tennis & fitness attire as well as tasteful denim (no ripped or torn jeans) is acceptable in the dining room, bar area & outdoor patio area. Hats (brims forward) are permitted in the bar area & outdoor patio area only.
      • Basketball shorts, men’s tank tops/sleeveless shirts, bathing suit shorts/bathing suit cover ups, athletic shorts, are permitted on the outdoor patio only.
      • Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times.
      • Sweat pants & sleepwear are prohibited in all dining areas of the club, including the patio.

      The following rules apply Friday & Saturday after 6 p.m.

      • Shirts with collars & sleeves must be worn (with the exception of a designer t-shirt, ladies sleeveless blouse or dress)
      • Shirts must be tucked in at all times with the exception of camp shirts or long sleeve button down shirts.
      • Tasteful denim is allowed (no ripped or torn jeans) -Hats, basketball shorts, men’s tank tops, bathing suit shorts, bathing suit cover ups, athletic shorts, tennis or fitness attire, sweat pants, and sleepwear are prohibited in all areas of the club, including the patio.
      • Please note the dress code applies to members, guests & children.
  • Directions
    • Directions to PGCC from West Palm Beach

      Follow I-95 S to SW 10th St in Deerfield Beach. Take exit 41 from I-95 S
      26 min (28.6 mi)
      Use any lane to turn right onto SW 10th St
      5 min (2.6 mi)
      Follow FL-869 S to N University Dr in Parkland. Take exit 15 from FL-869 S
      5 min (5.6 mi)
      Follow N University Dr and Old Club Rd to your destination

      Directions to PGCC from Miami

      Take I-95 Express, Florida's Turnpike and FL-869 S to N University Dr in Parkland. Take exit 15 from FL-869 S 42 min (45.8 mi)
      Merge onto I-95 N
      3.5 mi
      Keep left at the fork to continue on I-95 Express, follow signs for Express Lanes
      Toll road
      7.5 mi
      Take the exit toward Florida Turnpike/FL-826
      85 ft
      Merge onto I-95 N
      0.5 mi
      Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 12A for FL-826 W/Florida's Turnpike
      0.8 mi
      Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Turnpike and merge onto Florida's Turnpike
      (Toll road)
      27.8 mi
      Take exit 71 for FL-869/Sawgrass Expy S toward Coral Springs/Key W
      (Toll road)
      0.7 mi
      Keep left at the fork and merge onto FL-869 S
      (Toll road)
      4.7 mi
      Use the right lane to take exit 15 for FL-817/University Dr
      (Toll road)
      0.4 mi
      Follow N University Dr and Old Club Rd to your destination

  • Golf Rules
    • The USGA Rules of Etiquette as stated in the first section of the USGA Rule Book are endorsed by the Club and are expected to be adhered to by all golfers.

      Each person using the golf course should do their part to make a round of golf at the Club a pleasant experience for their fellow golfers. Here are some guidelines:

      Pace of Play

      It is the goal of all players to complete their 18-hole round of golf in four hours or less with a #1 tee or shotgun start, or four hours and sixteen minutes with a #1 & #10 start. This amount of time is more than adequate, provided all players remain aware of the rights of others to play without delay. It is the responsibility of each player in a group to keep pace with the group ahead. If a group falls one complete hole behind the group ahead, the lagging group is required to allow the group following to play through. If 9 the group continues to lag one complete hole behind, that group will be required to skip a hole to keep pace with the group ahead. It is each group’s responsibility to be observant of its position on the course and keep its pace. It is also the responsibility of all players (groups) to politely advise less observant players (groups) that their slow pace is adversely affecting an enjoyable pace of play. The course Ranger has the authority to keep play moving at an acceptable pace and enforce all rules for the enjoyment of all players. Repeated violations of slow play guidelines will result in a written notification of restrictive playing privileges.

      A brief stop at our Clubhouse for a cold drink or a washroom break is part of normal playing routine. Stopping for lunch or for a time period longer than five (5) minutes will cause players to lose their turns on the 10th tee. When this occurs, play may not be resumed from the 10th tee until approval has been received from the Golf Shop or Caddie Master/Starter. Generally this approval will not be given unless the entire ninth hole is open, so that groups reentering the stream of play may be integrated without interfering with the play of those behind them. Matches stopping at the Clubhouse when making the turn are asked to be on the tenth tee before the following group has left the ninth green. If this does not happen, you may lose your position on the course.

      When approaching a green, return to the golf cart path and drive the golf cart around to the rear or side of the green. Park the golf cart on the most direct path to the next tee. Never leave the golf cart in front of the green where you will go back to retrieve the golf cart, and the following players will be forced to wait for you to clear the green area.

      When a hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay. Record your scores for the previous hole while the other players in your group are playing from the next tee.

      Repair ball marks on greens.

      Fill in all divots with the sand contained in buckets on golf carts.

      Carefully rake sand bunkers after use. Enter and leave bunkers at their lowest elevation.
  • Pool Polices
      • Four guests are permitted per membership account and Members must accompany their guest(s) at all times and are responsible for the applicable guest fees.
      • There is no lifeguard on duty. Use of pools is at your own risk.
      • No Diving, Dunking or Horseplay.
      • No outside food, beverages or alcohol are permitted. No glass bottles or containers are permitted. No coolers are permitted.
      • There is no smoking at the pools.
      • Proper attire required – no thong bikinis or cutoff shorts allowed. Footwear is required in the Café and Tiki Bar. Toddlers must wear swim diapers. Shoes, shorts, shirt and/or cover-up required when entering the Club.
      • The Family pool is designated for the use of families and children. As a safety caution, please refrain from using large floatation devices when the pools are crowded.
      • The Adult “Quiet” pool and Spa (Hot tub) are designated for the use of adults age 18 or older.
      • Pool towels can be signed out from the Fitness Desk when a Pool Attendant is not present at the pools welcome station. One towel per Member/guest. You must present your Member card to check out a pool towel. Locker room towels are not for pool use.
      • Additional lounge chairs should not be moved off the deck and into cabanas. Please place a towel on chaise when using suntan lotions.
      • No personal and/or portable speakers allowed.
      • No pets are permitted within the building or pool deck with exception of service animals.

See you at the Club!

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